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Please make yourselves at home and join, it only takes a minute! We would like a translator so please let us know if you can do this!

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December 14 2012

Sorry, my computer broke and was in the shop for ages. I will update members, should be finished later today or tomorrow. Gomen~

So our boys are on tour right now, just finished Fukuoka WP ^^

I'm sure by now, you all heard about Tora's accident but they're still going to finish tour with him sitting. I'll update if I find out exatly what he did.

Court of "9" #3 tour goods (until 12/19). You don't need to be a global fan club member (I don't think) but you do need to be a Music Japan Plus member. It's free to be an mjp member

Alice Nine Channel will have a special premium members only show on 12/28 at 23:00JST. The next regular show is 1/18 at 23:00JST.

So I had this crazy idea; people world-over watch NHK World. I'm going to make up a petition for everyone to sign and post it when you can sign it. Basically, it's going to say that in honor of Alice Nine's tour, they should air an older concert. This will be a great way to get them noticed, ne?


October 26 2012

Updated members. Some of you said you wouldn't mind some social networks listed then didn't give me usernames so you might wanna check that. Also, just a reminder: this is a US street team.

We also have a pretty header supplied by Missy, arigatou~

(no announcents on Alice Nine Channel really but it was funny as hell)

October 23 2012

Slowly putting up downloads. So far, all albums, one mini-album, one single and several PVs.

October 22 2012

Open! Graphics girl is failing epicially with creativity so if you like, send a new banner (no bigger than 800px wide and MUST be 300px height)